Welcome to the 2nd Ward

flores 0074


  1. Dennis,

    Thank you for running. Looks like you are David against Goliath (good against evil). The devil (diablos) are trying to use Smoke & Mirrors to discredit you. People (la gente) need to understand that you are the only one who is fighting for the rights of the people of Lorain. Most of us are poor if modest means and the Rich want to put in there “Puppets” in order to continue to rob the city and persecute the people. What we need is a “No Sell Out” candidate. You are that man. “NO SELL OUT FLORES.” Yes, you have me vote. Dios ti bendiga.

  2. Keep fighting the fight, dont let your guards down, the enemy never fights fare, dont give up, the people in this city are smart enough to know its another tactics of the bad boy boy club, its a shame how they want to run this city to benifit them while we pay the bill vote for Flores

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